Why SEO Needs Great Content

January 30, 2017 By
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pexels photo 54257 1Content is an important factor for search rankings as Google’s objective is to deliver the best solution to a searcher in the fewest clicks possible. Search engines are designed to find content that delivers value and satisfies the end users expectations. We have all heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ but all content is not created equal.

With online marketing initiatives and campaigns to drive your online lead generation, once a prospective customer lands on your web page, your content is what is going to make or break your sale. Great content generates links and helps Google’s Rank Brain understand what your business web page is about and how it can benefit searchers. All too often, search marketers don’t properly focus – or understand content – and opt for the more is better philosophy.

More Isn’t Always Better

Slapping a million sections on your web page stuffed with keywords is not going to make your business magically rank on the first page of Google. SEO has quickly evolved over the years and search engine algorithms are getting smarter. Poor content will deliver poor results, for your rankings and user experience.

Instead of writing pages of useless content, take the time to write great content that is helpful and clearly explains the features and benefits of your products and services.

vintage technology keyboard oldThe Difference Between Bad and Great Content

Basically, bad content is self-serving and created for the sole purpose to self-promote and has little or even no value to the reader. It generally is vague and does not answer questions the user had or solve their end goal.

Great content is designed to serve your audience. It is specific to your business and your target market. When creating your content, think about your online lead generation tactics and what those potential customers will need to know and understand to be convinced to purchase your product or service.

A checklist to keep in mind when you create content:

  • Does it serve visitors intent by answering questions and helping them fulfill their needs?
  • Does it provide an easy, pleasurable and user-friendly experience on all devices and browsers?
  • Does it show the right information and experience to visitors quickly?
  • Is it better than your competitors?

A well designed and user-friendly site will have a favorable impact on your SEO and online marketing strategies. When your web page attracts a visitor via search and engages them with great content in a well-designed environment, Google will notice.

Good keyword research is critical to understand what your target market is looking for and how you can generate content that will be of interest to them. Always keep in mind the short attention span of visitors – they want answers and they want them now. Your web page needs to load fast and serve content quickly.
Think of content being the lifeblood of SEO. A good strategy behind your SEO initiatives will help you build links faster and help Google understand your site contextually. Great content takes research, planning and time but by using these best practices, you will be rewarded by successful (and profitable) results.

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