Three Tools to Make your Video Content Marketing Stand Out

July 21, 2017 By
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content marketing

We are now living in the digital age in which marketing has completely involved and taken on a new form. Videos are taking over the business world specifically in content marketing. Why? Videos are able to have a huge outreach with different demographics and audiences. For example, mediums like Vimeo and Youtube have taken over the video and entertainment industry. Videos are also highly interactive and engaging. A viewer has the capability to share videos, leave comments and reviews, and rate the content they are watching.

There are amazing tools that allow you to design and create professional videos that will showcase what you want and leave room for you to play with styles and genres in your video marketing. Here are a few tools that will help to achieve this goal for your business.

Tool Number 1: Powtoon


This tool creates animated presentation and instructions. There are a range of available elements including text effects, animations, characters, image holders and much more. One of my favorite things about this tool is it allows you to create video instructions to grab the attention of your audience. This even gives your videos a huge potential to become viral versus the more common step-by-step video guides or tutorials. Powtoon is perfect for creating concept explanations, promo videos or tutorials.

Tool Number 2: Animoto


Animoto is a tool that can make your life a lot easier by saving you time. Animoto has the ability to take your screenshots, videos, music and create a new video. You are able to upload your own music and add text breaks. Another perk of using this tool is the screenshot showcase. This can be utilized for tutorials, creating a synopsis for discussions and conversations, and hangouts. Animoto will completely change how you view your content marketing in videos.

Tool Number 3: Vidtrack


Vidtrack is a tool that permits a creator to user-generate their content to allow the audience to send them back video messages. The newest capability in the tool is a web recorder that also has a WordPress plugin to allow your users to create content for you. Whenever a user clicks the record button it will enable a webcam.

Videos are now the new frontier of content marketing. And with these three tools in your toolbelt, you will take your videos to new heights.

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