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The Monetization Of WhatsApp?

Social media giant, Facebook, appears to be attempting to monetize their acquisition, Whatsapp, by introducing a click-to-Whatsapp button that can be embedded in Facebook advertisers’ boosted organic posts.  The new button gives Facebook users an easy way to connect with advertisers via Whatsapp with the click of a button.

WhatsApp Working To Become Business Friendly

Facebook acquired Whatsapp for a reported $19 billion worth of cash and shares in early 2014.  In the past, Whatsapp has vigorously defended its anti-advertising position, but it appears that their parent company has different ideas.  It must be noted that the ads still don’t appear on Whatsapp, but originate on Facebook.  In late 2017, Whatsapp announced it had been working on creating verified business accounts and other business tools to build trusted communication portals between businesses and their consumers.

Streamlining Communication

According to Whatsapp, it has 1 billion daily users who are able to send free texts and make free phone calls because the app uses the internet rather than costly cellular phone networks.  Facebook states that there are over 1 million businesses providing a Whatsapp contact number on their Facebook posts every month, so it made sense for the social media giant to create a button to streamline that connection.

A Win-Win Situation

Analysts have noted that the click-to-Whatsapp button simplifies a communication process that already occurs hundreds of thousands of times each day.  The fact that clicking on a Facebook ad will immediately open a Whatsapp conversation between the user and advertiser saves the user the extra steps of clicking through to a website or external link to find the appropriate information to initiate communication.  The innovation seems to be a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses.

A Work In Progress?

Currently the option to add a click-to-Whatsapp button in Facebook ads is limited to boosted organic posts and is not possible via AdManager or the Facebook Marketing API.  This is in contrast to the similar click-to-Messenger buttons that were rolled out for Facebook and Instagram ads in 2016.

The HeyLead Social Media Advantage

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