Social Media Integration to Boost Online Lead Generation

March 13, 2017 By
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Online leads are the lifeline for most businesses, and different strategies should be used to maximize your reach and attract high-quality prospects. Often times when marketers think of social media, they associate it with brand building and reputation management but overlook it as an effective way to connect with people and generate new customers.

When done correctly, platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook can actually generate real leads for your organization. Lead generation is all about getting prospects into your sales funnel and educating on your products and services. Because of the high volume of social media users and the behavior to readily share information, it is an excellent opportunity to find your target audience, promote your content and drive new prospects to your business.

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The bonus? It is incredibly cost effective:

Brands that use Twitter average twice the number of monthly leads than those that do not.

  • Over half of marketers that have used social media as a lead generation tool have reported an increase in overall sales.
  • The average cost per click for Facebook Ads is $0.80 versus $2.50 for Google AdWords.
  • 67% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users purchasing decisions are influenced by recommendations of brands that they are followers of.

To start, treat your social media pages like a landing page. Facebook allows the creation of custom tabs, making it easy to add contact forms and a call to action without having to re-direct the prospect to your actual web page. Twitter chats are also a great way to spark a conversation with your target market through a relevant topic that includes your call to action. Instagram may not seem like a valuable marketing opportunity, but by responding to comments shows that your brand is engaged and interested in its customers which in turn makes potential prospects more likely to purchase from you.
By changing the way your organization uses social media, you can get more value from these platforms and generate more online leads, sales, and loyal customers.

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