SEO Trends to Watch for 2018

November 03, 2017 By
san francisco internet marketing

san francisco internet marketing

The new year is just around the corner and now is the time to start watching for what trends will dominate 2018 and how you can incorporate these into your SEO strategy. There are a number of trends which have developed throughout the past year which will most likely come into greater prominence in 2018. As a San Francisco internet marketing company, here are the top trends we recommend keeping your eye on.

User Experience

In 2018, user experience will continue to become even more important and Google has made it crystal clear that they place heavy importance on users and that sites need to deliver a smooth experience. Good user experience helps your business as it increases the chances of people interacting and engaging with your pages that they visit.

To improve your user experience, monitor your site speed, readability and site structure to see what areas can be optimized and improved with the right changes. Take a look at your visitor’s browsing habits for helpful insights and if you have an incredibly high bounce rate, your content or user experience may be hurting your site’s conversions.

Also, remember mobile. More and more users are searching via their smartphones and your site needs to provide an excellent experience across all devices.

Voice Search

Voice search and digital assistants are rapidly changing how we communicate and process information. This growing market is also changing how users are searching and currently, 20% of searches are being done via voice. As a business, focus on more long tail keywords and natural language that will match searchers conversational tone to help your website rank better in results.

Link Building

In 2018, link building will still reign strong. The difference is, it will become even more important to seek quality, niche relevant links. Skip any links that do not help build authority to your site and focus on a relationship building aspect that will help you develop contacts which are beneficial long term. Use guest blogs but make sure that they do not hurt your brand’s reputation and avoid any spammy or untrustworthy links.

To start preparing your SEO strategy for the new year, contact us at HeyLead. Our team is comprised of San Francisco internet marketing experts and can help you increase visitors to your site.

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