Case Study for a Property Management Company

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Performance Marketing


Align with industry experts and provide a well branded exposure and build an SEO presence for core keywords.


Improve online visibility, rank for core industry keywords and provide industry expertise to prospects and current customers.

On-Page SEO Solution


url metas updated

Keyword focused meta title and description tags were written for all existing and new pages for the client’s website. 

ab screen

a/b testing

A/B testing was performed against multiple pages for a period of 3 months and the winning versionwas the landing page that had a fixed form on the side of the page. Users conveniently could scroll the page and at any point of the page they could inquire for additional information.


keyword rich articles

In order to improve organic visibility, we developed a content marketing strategy and wrote articles on monthly basis that are region specific, industry focused and infused with strategic keywords.


SEO Strategic Website Re-Development

When we took on this client, their website was very basic, had very little content, very few keyword focused pages, no META tags and the home page had around 30 words.

After extensive website analysis combined with business goals and requirements, we decided to split the website into separate domains. We just had to ensure that the content is unique and that the design is consistent as a brand across the other sites. This would allow the business to more easily rank for hyper local targeted keywords and scale faster as we had a solid foundation.

Old site  |  New site


geo landing pages

SEO optimized geo specific landing pages were created in order to attract visitors from targeted area and cities surrounding the targeted area. The goal here was to improve website visibility in areas that property managers and brokers can service.

responsive 01

optimize website for responsiveness

One of search engines’ ranking signals is website responsiveness and usability. Below is the result before and after optimization of website.

graph 01


adwords ads created

9 Campaigns / 2104 Ad groups / 5,925 Ads / 4005 Keywords

The purpose of the Adwords campaign was to drive high intent traffic to search engine marketing specific landing pages and uncover hidden keywords that we can target and rank for organically.


adroll ads + 30 adwords text and banner ads

A combination between Adwords and Adroll remarketing campaigns were launched in order to re-target text and banner ads to users who have not previously filled out the contact form.

Off-Page SEO Solution


reviews accumulated

Developing a reputation management system for the client was an important aspect to establishing a brand, helping with acquiring more customers and improving SEO visibility. Reviews are yet another signal that tell search engines how authoritative a website is and especially help with local SEO results and acquiring traffic.



Back in 2014 the client started working with an agency that didn’t know much about SEO and traffic was averaging 500-600 organic sessions per month.


After taking on the account and executing on the new SEO strategy and re-developing the website, traffic picked up to over 1,100 organic sessions per month.
14 15 16 graph

Organic Calls tracked in HeyLead


All calls are tracked at the source level:

Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Organic keyword rankings and associated impressions, clicks and conversions

KeywordRankingimpressionsCTRestimated clicksConversion rateconversions
Denver property management33,38415%5085.6%28
property managers denver92,0802%424.0%2
property management denver32,08015%3121.0%3
Henderson property managers454210%540.0%0
Longmont property managers64505%226.6%1
Denver property managers73843%120.0%0
property management companies denver233822%744.3%3
property manager Denver52636%160.0%0
Henderson property management92162%40.0%0
Boulder property management companies71893%60.0%0
property managers colorado61825%96.8%1
rental management Dener61735%90.0%0
Dener rental management81722%30.0%0
Denver property manager413110%130.0%0
property management Westminster8812%20.0%0
Denver property management companies27422%160.0%0
rental property management colorado5526%30.0%0
property managemtnt lakewood9522%10.0%0
residential property management denver9262%10.0%0
property management aurora7263%10.0%0
rental property management lakewood6135%10.0%0
rental property management companies denver31315%20.0%0
rental management aurora9132%00.0%0
property brighton7133%00.0%0
property manager lakewood6135%10.0%0
property management northglenn31315%20.0%0
Calls from SEM landing pages and trend.
Paid keyword performance: impressions, clicks and conversions
KeywordimpressionsCTRclicksConversion rateForm Sign Ups
Denver property management3,3842.7%905.57%5
property management Denver2,0801.9%403.98%2
property managers Denver2,0800.4%80.99%0
Henderson property managers5423.6%190.86%0
Denver property managers4502.3%96.60%1
property management companies Denver3843.5%124.26%1
property manager Denver3381.5%44.35%0
Henderson property management26317.6%380.66%0
property managers Colorado2160.8%25.56%0
rental management Denver1825.6%104.27%0
Denver rental management1734.3%76.82%1
Denver property manager1722.0%33.23%0
property management Westminster1313.4%36.06%0
Denver property management companies816.3%51.79%0
property management Lakewood746.4%37.50%0
rental property management Colorado520.6%00.00%0
property management Aurora5232.7%97.84%1
residential property management Denver261.0%00.00%0
rental management Aurora2618.6%26.90%0
property managers Brighton1319.9%39.68%0
property management Northglenn137.7%116.67%0
rental property management companies Denver135.8%10.00%0
property manager Lakewood131.3%00.00%0
rental property management Lakewood130%00.00%0
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