Lead Generation | 8 Video SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 15, 2017 By
video lead generation

video lead generation

In 2017, filming and publishing video content is easier than ever. It’s great news for small business owners since video is probably the most effective tool for lead generation and sales conversion.  

One of the key benefits of video is the boost it gives your website’s SEO. Here’s a list of tips for improving your website’s SEO with video.

1) Publish Videos on Website

Search engines read videos as quality content, which increases your rankings. Opt for videos about your product or service, as 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about the product.

2) Optimize Load Times

Slow load time on your website means customers will abandon your page and your search engine ranking will suffer. Compressing videos usually mitigates a slow load time.

3) Provide Video Transcript

Adding the video’s text increases the number of keywords a search engine can use to find you.

4) Assign Keywords to Video

This is the same as assigning keywords to images on your website. Tagging your video with keywords and descriptions helps search engines determine your video’s relevance.

5) Utilize Video Sitemap

Using a video sitemap might duplicate some keywords on your website, but the process provides useful metadata like video length, view count, and if the video can be embedded.

Lead Generation Video

6) Host on YouTube

For small business owners, posting videos on YouTube kills two birds with one stone. Many customers turn to YouTube for search queries, and Google owns YouTube, so your SEO efforts are amplified.

7) Put Backlink on YouTube

While this doesn’t count towards your backlink count, adding a backlink makes the lead’s journey smoother. Studies show 65% of decision-makers who view a branded video will visit the brand’s website and 39% will contact the vendor.

8) Encourage Sharing

Not only for social media, but well-liked content signals to search engines the content is quality, which increases your SEO rankings.

Video will continue to grow in the next three years, and adding it to your website will only improve your website’s effectiveness for lead generation and sales.


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