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attract leads

attract leads

One of the most critical aspects of paid search is keyword intent. Without thoroughly understanding the intent behind what users are searching for, even the best and most expensive pay per click campaign will fall flat. By using intent driven marketing, advertisers and brands can leverage the right keywords to increase traffic to their site, but even better attract leads that are qualified, have a desire to purchase and ultimately increase sales.


Keywords – What is the Difference?


There are low intent keywords and high intent keywords. The difference? High intent keywords mean high commercial intent or high buying intent. The user wants to perform a transaction, which can mean ask about something, buy something or subscribe to something that may eventually lead them to purchase.


Search queries break down into 3 different categories:


  1. Transactional – the searcher wants to buy something
  2. Navigational – the searcher wants to find a specific website
  3. Informational – the searcher wants an answer to a question


Low intent keywords are considered ones that are informational or navigational. Someone is looking for information or to learn something but not make a purchase.


Examples of High Intent Keywords:


  • Deal
  • Free Shipping
  • Buy
  • Cheapest
  • Coupon
  • Best


When creating your PPC campaigns, make sure to review your keyword list to ensure that enough high intent, purchasing driven keywords have been included. Overall exposure is not as important as attracting leads that are qualified traffic. By not using high intent keywords and narrowing your campaign to a target market with a strong desire to purchase, your budget will quickly expire.


By using your Google Adwords account, you can evaluate and discover the best high intent keywords for your campaign. Always take the time to do proper research and make sure that the ones you select are relevant to your business.


Once you start implementing high intent keywords and attracting quality leads, you will get the most leverage out of your marketing budget and increase your profits.

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