How to Target the Right Audience in an SEO Campaign

March 27, 2017 By
SEO Campaign

seo 1910521 640Have you only ever thought of an SEO campaign’s success based on the number of users you were able to attract to your website organically? There is another factor to consider. What was the quality of the traffic you received? Would you rather have 1,000 monthly visitors and a 2% conversion rate or 400 visitors and a 10% conversion rate? More doesn’t always mean better.

How do you go about increasing the quality of visitors to your site? You implement audience targeting, which will increase your brand’s relevance to ensure that the volume of traffic you receive is more beneficial to your bottom line.

Here Are Four Tips to Help You Segment Your Audience for an SEO Campaign:
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Find the Most Valuable Niche

The first step is making sure that the audience you have selected to target is the most valuable to you. Research your audience, geographic locations, and search trends. Settle on an audience that will have the highest probability of showing interest in your brand to increase the opportunity of gaining conversions. Also, study their search habits so that you can optimize your efforts to target them. Do they predominantly use mobile, or possibly voice search? Different search patterns have different needs.

Segment Buying Stages

Once you have determined your niche, segment your audience based on the various stages of your brands buying cycle. Is your target audience just starting to build awareness and discover what your product or service is about, or are they already well educated in what you are offering and ready to go straight into a purchase? If you properly understand your audience’s goals and what phase of the buying cycle they will likely be in, you can optimize your landing pages accordingly.

Use Long Tail Keywords

The keyword game is all about long tail phrases. These are usually three to four words and extremely specific to what your business is selling. You may not receive as many clicks to your site from a longtail keyword, but the traffic that you do receive has a much higher opportunity of converting as they are looking for exactly what you are offering. There are many tools available online to research the best keyword phrases for your SEO efforts and will show the number of monthly queries based on location, language, and search engine used.

Be Social

Social media is not only a great way to expand your reach but offers a valuable opportunity to be able to listen to your audience. Be active on social media channels to learn more about who your target customers are and what they want to see from your brand, or what type of solution they feel will satisfy their needs. Keep an eye out for trending topics, the demographics of who is engaging with your brand and optimize your campaigns to meet their values and expectations.

If you are just starting to build an SEO campaign, start with one audience and expand to others as you gain prominence within one demographic or segment. Audience targeting should always be a part of any marketing campaign, SEO or not, as when you can reach higher quality targets, the traffic you gain is more valuable and ultimately provides a much better ROI.

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