How to Increase Your Blog’s User Engagement

August 20, 2017 By
user engagement

user engagement

Building credible backlinks and driving brand focused user engagement is the goal of every digital marketer’s blog. However, so many times, businesses are posting lots of blogs and articles, yet no one seems to be reading or paying attention.


The good news is that with the proper strategy, your blog can be turned around and generate user engagement. It just takes three simple steps and here is how.


#1 – Locate Engaged Content


Engaged content means any blog or article that has had a substantial amount of social media shares and even more importantly, user comments. A great source for finding popular, viral content is using Buzzsumo, where you can search by topic and time frame. Find a subject that is aligned with the topic you want to write about and make sure that it is current. Aim for a highly engaged post that has been published within the last 24 – 48 hours or a week tops. Once you have found at least one great article, you are ready for step 2.


#2 Locate Engaged People


Step two is about finding the people that you need to contact. Do this by scrolling through the comments of the blog post that you selected in step one and find users that have shared and written thoughtful, relevant comments on the post. These are users that will be likely to share your post on their social media feeds, add links to your website and most importantly, return to your website if they like the content produced. Create an outreach list from the websites, emails or social media profiles that these engaged users have left in their comments and save for when your blog post has been completed so that you can connect with these individuals. For a program that will help you manage your outreach and save time, try Buzzstream.


#3 Write an Awesome Blog and Re-Engage Users


After you have completed your blog post that is based on content that numerous users were interested in and engaged with, it’s time to connect with these users. Email them, contact via their website or hit them up via social media. Simply share your article and ask them to share their thoughts. It’s that easy.


Why does this work so well? Engaged users are usually very interested in particular subjects or passionate about certain issues that have been mentioned in a blog post. It also works both ways – your business gets the comments and engagement you are seeking, but the users commenting also get their views heard by a wider and new audience.


Three easy steps and a win-win formula. Try it for your next blog!

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