How to Engage with Online Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

January 17, 2017 By
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We all know that online leads are critical to the success of your business. But how do you ensure that your sales funnel is enticing, informative and encourages users to convert? By breaking down the funnel into three core areas, you can analyze whether you have the appropriate content and support for each phase.

Educate, Not Sell at the Top of the Funnel

Think of the top of your sales funnel as the awareness stage and the goal being to fire up the customer’s interest.

When a customer is at the top of your sales funnel, they are involved in a discovery process and not yet seriously looking at solutions. This is where you need to have the tools to educate your online lead, and not be trying to persuade them to purchase.

Have visually appealing and readable tidbits about your product or service. Stunning infographics, a video or even a slideshow are beneficial for the customer to explore as part of their research. All of your content should be acting as a resourceful guide detailing how your service can help them solve their issue and not discussing your business directly.

pexels photo 29594Guide From Prospect to Purchase

Once you have a customer interested, be careful to not come out overly aggressive pushing the sale. Most likely, your online lead is considering several other competitors that offer a similar service. At this point, your goal should be to differentiate your business in a way that is meaningful and of benefit to the customer.

Consider having a Live Chat option that can immediately interact with them and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Another beneficial tool at this stage is to visually show comparison charts, pricing structures and the features and benefits of your services.

Once the customer is fully educated, aware of exactly what the will receive in exchange for your services and any support that it will include, it’s time to make your move and convert.

The Follow Up

Once you have converted a sale from an online lead, it is time to shine and convince them they made the best decision in choosing your service. Customer experience is what creates customer loyalty. Find ways to add value, offer referral programs, helpful newsletters or exclusive webinar invites that showcase how they can better leverage your service to address their issues and always be open to requesting their feedback.

Sales funnels need to be continually optimized to adapt to your customer’s interests and needs. Continuously review your Analytics to uncover possible leaks or disconnects and always remember, your content and flow needs to engage, be user-friendly and organically lead your customers down the funnel to convert.

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