How to Enable Re-Marketing through Google Adwords

December 23, 2016 By
Digital marketing analytics

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Most visitors to your website will do absolutely nothing. They do not purchase a product or service, let alone sign up to your monthly newsletter, like you on Facebook or share your content. Conversions rates do vary by industry as well as the products and services being offered. It is estimated in the online marketing world, a decent conversion rate for your web advertising is around 10%.

So what about the other 90% of prospects that fell off your radar? Maybe they were busy, needed to research more, or just plain old forgot about you and moved on. What if you could gently remind them through repeat exposure from your ad about the fantastic service you are offering?

Ever noticed after searching for a company or being on their website that you see ads for them all over the place? It’s as simple as a few clicks in your Google Adwords account and the tactic is referred to as re-marketing. Don’t think of it so much as stalking, but more of an opportunity to have a second chance with a prospect that previously expressed interest.


pexels photo 230544How to Set Up in Adwords

  • Sign in and click on Control Panel & Library under your list of campaign folders
  • Click ‘Audiences’
  • Select ‘Create New Audience’
  • Pick a name and description for your online marketing list

Next, you can determine how long Google will recognize someone as being on your re-marketing list from the time they first visited your page.

The default setting is 30 days, however, you can modify to make it as long as 18 months.

Finally, as you always want to track your paid spending results, make sure you create a new tag to generate a unique piece of code to track your re-marketing campaign or assign your list to a predetermined conversion goal on under your profile.

Incredibly simple and an effective tactic. Happy stalking!


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