How Meta Descriptions Attract Quality Leads

August 05, 2017 By
quality leads

quality leads

Think of meta descriptions like buying a book at a store. Chances are, you flip to the back cover before purchasing to read the blurb and decide whether or not you are interested. Meta descriptions are essentially the same thing, but for your landing pages and blog posts. They provide search engines with important context and give an explanation of what your content is, which help your web page’s SEO.

How do meta descriptions help with SEO? If you craft catchy, relevant and accurate descriptions, it will increase the click through rate to your website. Here are a few tips to review to ensure that you are following best practices for using and creating meta descriptions to help attract quality leads.

#1 Make Them Compelling and Concise

Keyword stuffing into a meta description is not going to get you quality leads – in fact, people  will probably assume that your site is filled with spam. Instead, spark interest with a short, engaging sentence about what is on your page and why a searcher should find out more.

#2 Don’t Underestimate Them

Don’t make the mistake of thinking meta descriptions are a nice to have option when launching your website or adding new blog posts. They take very little time and are a free way to entice visitors to check out your website and boost your search presence.

#3 Keep Less than 160 Characters

Search engines limit the amount of text that is displayed for a meta description, which the maximum is 160 characters. Always aim to have your descriptions between 150 – 160 characters so that you are providing enough information to interest online leads and don’t risk having a sentence cut off or not make sense.

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