How CRM Technology Can Boost Sales Productivity

February 27, 2017 By
CRM Technology

pexels photo 237675.jpegHave you ever considered how much of your sales associates time is spent not selling? Qualifying leads, preparing quotes and order management, it all adds up. If your business can improve the productivity of all its sales staff, that can drive a major impact on overall profitability. One of the best ways an organization can improve productivity is by using CRM Technology. In fact, Nucleus Research performed a study that indicated that the average return on investment from CRM technology is almost $9 for every $1 spent.

Used to manage and analyze customer interactions, CRM can efficiently streamline processes, gather data throughout the customer lifecycle, help improve retention and compile detailed information on customers across multiple channels and points of contact such as chat, email, phone, and the web. When your employees have instant access to clients purchase history, buying preferences and contact information, their time can be spent focusing on what they do best – sales and relationship management.

Here are just a few ways that a CRM software can play a role in increasing your bottom line:

Qualifying Leads

pexels photo 140945.jpegCRM not only can increase the number of leads your organization receives but also helps ensure they are quality ones. Leads can be ranked based on a prospect’s interaction with your website, for example, if someone signed up for a free trial or reviewed your pricing options. Your staff can spend less time pitching to unwilling customers and more time focusing on promising opportunities.


Quote Generation

CRM can integrate predefined quote templates designed to optimize conversion rates, look professional and just take moments to generate.

Automated Sales Reports

Reporting is necessary but time-consuming and a waste of resources when your sales associates need to manually track data. CRM can easily generate automated, dynamic and insightful reports and reduce the amount of time your staff spends on administrative tasks.

Order Management

Ask a sales associate what they hate the most about their job and the answer will probably be having to complete paperwork for a sale. Lengthy forms and sometimes having to enter information into multiple systems is time-consuming and leaves room for errors. CRM can streamline the order management process, which frees up more selling time and also ensures that your business has an up to date and accurate profile of your customers purchase history.

If you previously have not considered using CRM technology, now may be the time. In a sales environment, even the slightest improvement to your staffs selling versus administrative time ratio can provide a significant boost in profitability.

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