Case Study for a Garment Color Alteration Company

December 23, 2016 By
Lead Conversion


This business is focused on a very specific niche industry – alternating colors of garments. Its target audience includes people from the wedding industry, interior design, dry cleaners and special events. Finding clients was not easy as the client relied heavily on offline and word of mouth leads. Collecting payments was done by checks and the client did not have a website.


  1. We developed a website for the client where users can visit, inquire for services by filling out forms on the site, provide feedback and pay electronically for fabric dyeing services through Paypal.
  2. Several SEO techniques were implemented in order boost organic presence and acquire intent driven users to the website. Some of the SEO methods include:
    1. Finding similar websites in the industry and asking the owner / webmaster to link back to the client’s website.
    2. Finding Q / A websites such as Yelp and Yahoo Answers and finding users who are looking for similar services and replying to them that they could get this work done with our client.
    3. Developing a strategic keyword list, optimizing the site for target keywords and creating more keyword focused content.
  3. Low cost SEM campaigns were also implemented in order to drive extra traffic, find out new SEO keywords and further increase lead flow.
  4. The account grew so big that eventually a strategic partnership with similar service providers was developed so they can take on large volume orders from leads that this client could not service.

2,000% +

Increase in overall
lead flow


Reduction in cost per



Keywords ranking on 1st page
on search engines

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