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Facebook Leads

Facebook Leads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms as their pay per click ads generate more revenue than traditional sources. But, this platform relies on cold traffic. Cold traffic means you are advertising to people that may not know your brand, product or service and this can make it harder to entice and convert. So, how can we turn cold traffic into successful Facebook leads? Let’s discuss the two best tips:

The Consumer NEEDS to Know the Product

Before a customer purchases your service or product they need to know more about it. Be specific! Clarify in your ad who you are, what the product does and why it’s a necessity for them. With your pay per click ad, generate enough interest to get the lead to click on your landing page and then provide a series of advertisements that will break down all of these steps for your customer. Granted, it will take a little longer but the conversation rate will increase. Another approach can be using videos. A video can quickly inform and educate the customer about the product and show the value for them as well.

Product Awareness

Facebook LeadThe marketing book, Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz, breaks down the five levels of awareness in the consumer’s journey to buying your product. As a company or business, you need to understand where your product falls because this will have an impact on the ad you present. For example, if your consumer needs to become “product aware” of what you are specifically selling. They will need a clear incentive on the value of using your product as opposed to something else. But, if you are one of the first to create this service or product you’re in the “solution aware” category. In this stage, you offer evidence and claims about your product.

In the end, Facebook ads are an amazing tool to create more revenue and conversion opportunities for your business. Marketers always need to remember that before any flashy slogans, they need to educate their customers to have an understanding of where the product or service falls on the awareness spectrum to successfully turn cold traffic to high potential Facebook leads.

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