Common On-Site SEO Mistakes – Part I

October 07, 2017 By
on-site seo

on-site seo

As a San Francisco internet marketing company, we frequently see some common SEO mistakes that people have made on their websites. While many SEO tactics are fairly easy to comprehend such as using H1 tags or optimizing URLs, some may be tricker and could negatively be impacting your website’s search engine rank.

Here is part one of the top SEO issues that commonly are made on websites.



Google does not like iFrames and if you have this on your website it may be impacting your rank. Even when you use an SEO audit tool, it will often detect if you have iframes and recommend that these be removed. What is an iframe? It is a simple, user-friendly way to display content from another URL within a page and cite it without having to include the content link within your web copy. Don’t worry, if you do feel you need to use these. Google’s developer blog has some tips and recommendations for better implementation.

Excessive Bolding


There is a misconception about bolding keywords over and over in text and that this tactic will help increase your keyword rank. This has actually never been stated and is in fact bad practice.

The point of marking up text (either bold, italics or underline) is to draw your reader’s attention to an important phrase and to make your copy easily readable. Randomly bolding keywords throughout web copy are not only distracting to the reader but glaringly obvious that you are trying to rank for that particular term. Keywords in your H1 or H2 headings are perfectly fine, but not bolded throughout the content of each web page.

Take a moment to review your site and if you notice that it contains one of the above two SEO mistakes, make it a priority to correct this week. Stay tuned, we will continue with other common on-site SEO issues we see with San Francisco and national businesses.


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