Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management Case Study

woodruff real estate and property management case study

About Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management:

The dedicated team at Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management has a deep understanding of the property management industry, and they take personal pride in all long and short term property management needs. They personally handle all types of residential and rental investments, ensuring that the process is efficient and hassle-free. In addition, their brokers have years of experience in real estate, making them well-equipped to assist you with any real estate lease, sale or property management need.

Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management understands that selling a property can be a difficult decision, so they strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Their brokers are available for professional advice throughout the process and to provide guidance on the best course of action for you. With their expertise in property management, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands.

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the challenge

The challenge:

Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management was struggling to generate sufficient amount of broker leads for the various territories and zip codes in Denver, Colorado and Naples, Florida. Their request was simple, generate more leads for all of the brokers that manage their territories in order to win more business. To achieve this we had to build a solid marketing strategy which involved paid and organic search marketing, email marketing, display and remarketing campaigns. In addition we had to figure out a solution to delivery website leads quickly to brokers.

The result:

HeyLead helped achieve extra 530% in organic search traffic within 6 months. We achieved these results through the use of blog writing, website page load optimization, removing low quality pages, removing toxic backlinks link to the website and developing an internal link building strategy. Their organic website leads jumped by 89% month over month.

We leveraged SEM advertising and generated 850 clicks and their conversions increased by 77%. Their CPA dropped by 42% and their cost per click was reduced by 31%. We achieved these results through the use of targeting the right keywords and match types, generating zip code specific campaigns and ads specific to those territories, testing various promotions, and A/B testing landing pages with Google Optimize.

In addition to this we built a custom software solution that delivered leads as a text message and email notifications the second someone filled out a form on their website. Leads would be delivered straight to the broker that manages that specific zip code. This resulted in increased lead to close conversion rate and countless hours saved by staff members reviewing and assigning leads to brokers.

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