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About SEQTA:

SEQTA is an Australian-based education technology company that offers a range of software solutions for schools, teachers, students, and parents. Their flagship product is SEQTA Suite, a comprehensive learning management system that allows schools to manage all aspects of their operations, including academic programs, student information, communication, and reporting.The SEQTA Suite includes a range of modules that enable teachers to create lesson plans, mark assignments, record attendance, and communicate with parents. It also provides students with access to digital learning resources, online assessments, and their grades.
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The challenge:

The client had a great product in SEQTA Suite, a comprehensive learning management system for schools, but they were struggling to reach their target audience of Australia schools online. The client’s website had lower traffic than expected, and their conversion rates were not where they wanted them to be.

HeyLead’s team of digital marketing experts began by conducting a thorough analysis of SEQTA’s online presence and website. They identified key areas of improvement and created a customized digital marketing strategy that would help the client achieve their goals.

The strategy included a range of digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), A/B testing, creating various landing pages, installing events/conversions, and more. HeyLead’s team worked closely with SEQTA to understand their target audience and create a messaging strategy that would resonate with them.

HeyLead’s team focused on improving the client’s search engine rankings and driving more traffic to their website. They created targeted campaigns using both paid and organic search channels, which included researching relevant keywords and optimizing the website’s content for those keywords.

To further increase traffic and conversions, HeyLead’s team conducted A/B testing on various landing pages to determine which messaging and design elements were most effective. They also installed events and conversions to track user behavior and measure the effectiveness of the various marketing campaigns.

The result:

After several months of working with HeyLead, SEQTA saw significant improvements in their online performance. Traffic to their website increased by 49% and the number of conversions increased by 27%, which exceeding the client’s expectations.

HeyLead’s digital marketing services helped SEQTA grow their online presence, increase traffic, and improve their conversion rates. By developing a customized digital marketing strategy that focused on the client’s specific goals and target audience, HeyLead was able to achieve outstanding results and help their client achieve their business objectives.
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