Karla Boutique Case Study

karla boutique case study

About Karla Boutique:

karlaboutique.eu is an online store offering custom designed iPhone cases of premium quality and in many designs. They offer a variety of cases to choose from, ranging from minimalistic styles to more intricate patterns. All cases are made of high-grade material with excellent protection for your phone, making them both stylish and reliable. With the unique designs, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd while still keeping your phone safe. No matter what style you prefer, karlaboutique.eu has something that will fit your needs.
about karla boutique
the challenge chess karla boutique case study

The challenge:

karlaboutique.eu came to us with a website newly established and a paid search account that had a high cost per acquisition. To help them improve their organic and paid search marketing strategies, we created a plan that would boost traffic and conversions while keeping the cost per acquisition low. To achieve this, we implemented several tactics such as optimizing their meta data, focusing on long-tail keywords, and creating original and engaging content. Additionally, we ran targeted ads to attract relevant audiences at different stages of the buyer’s journey. In just a few months, our strategy yielded positive results as karlaboutique.eu saw an increase in organic traffic, conversions and a significant reduction in the cost per acquisition. Our efforts resulted in a successful campaign with increased customer engagement, increased website traffic, and decreased cost per acquisition.

The result:

HeyLead helped achieve extra 1,431.67% organic search traffic for karlaboutique.eu in a matter of 2 months. We achieved these results through the use of content writing, website page load optimization, meta tag optimization and internal link building. Their organic website purchases jumped by 4,800.00% month over month.

We leveraged SEM advertising and generated 3,720 clicks and their conversions increased by 550%. Their CPA dropped by 80% and their cost per click was reduced by 65%. We achieved these results through the use of targeting the right keywords, optimal bidding strategies and constantly testing new ad creatives and campaigns.

karla boutique website performance