Emburse Case Study

emburse case study

About Emburse:

Emburse Spend is a revolutionary advancement in corporate card solutions, offering unprecedented control and real-time visibility. It enables you to issue single-use and recurring virtual cards to your team members with your pre-set rules built in. With Emburse Spend, you can approve every spend in advance, giving you complete control over your company’s expenditure. Additionally, many of its features are free of cost, saving you both time and money. Emburse Spend is certainly the most comprehensive corporate card solution available today and we highly recommend it to all businesses seeking an effective and secure way to manage their corporate card expenses.
about emburse
the challenge

The challenge:

Emburse Spend was struggling to generate business leads for their sales team on a monthly basis. To resolve this, we implemented an inbound marketing strategy and assisted them with website optimization, organic search marketing, paid search marketing, and remarketing through Google Display Network and Adroll. We also implemented LeadFeeder, Hotjar and Google Optimize so they could monitor website traffic behavior and analyze businesses interested in the corporate card solutions that Emburse Spend offers. As a result, the company saw a steady increase in leads and conversions. In addition to that, we updated their website regularly with fresh content and blogs to help boost their organic search performance. Ultimately, the inbound marketing strategy paid off and Emburse Spend was able to acquire new business customers on a regular basis.

The result:

HeyLead helped achieve extra 410% in website traffic within 10 months. Their website leads jumped by 650% after 10 months compared to when we partnered with Emburse Spend. We achieved these results through the use of blog writing, website page load optimization, generating high quality backlinks link to the website and developing an internal link building strategy. We also implemented paid search marketing campaigns through Google Ads, Facebook and AdRoll. We further monitored website traffic and visitor behavior through solutions like Google Optimize, HotJar and LeadFeeder. We constantly kept testing forms in order to achieve the best conversion rate possible.

emburse website performance