CallerReady Case Study

callerready case study

About CallerRedy:

With CallerReady, marketers looking to scale their call campaigns can access a wide range of features that are designed to improve the campaign’s profitability. From lead-to-call automation and dynamic call distribution to click level visitor-to-call tracking and agent qualification and transfer CRM, CallerReady’s integrated platform provides all the tools needed to make sure campaigns run smoothly.

Additionally, with Multi-Buyer Call Auction™ technology, buyers are given the opportunity to compete for every call. This not only increases the percentage of qualified calls but also eliminates manual outbound calling costs. Advertisers and affiliates can also log in and manage their orders with ease. Make CallerReady your go-to call marketing platform today and experience the difference it can make for your campaigns.
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callerready challenge

The challenge:

CallerReady’s primary challenge was that they were not receiving enough organic traffic to their website. They have a great suite of products, but their website wasn’t optimized for search engines, and they were not ranking well for the right keywords. They were missing out on potential business leads who were searching for the services they offered.

CallerReady partnered with HeyLead, to help them boost their traffic and grow their business. HeyLead proposed a multifaceted approach that included creating a lot of content, designing infographics, optimizing existing pages, and improving the link structure.

– Content Creation: HeyLead started by creating a content calendar and producing high-quality, informative, and relevant blog posts that were optimized for search engines. By publishing fresh and engaging content on a regular basis, CallerReady’s website began to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

– Page Optimization: HeyLead also optimized CallerReady’s existing website pages to improve their search engine rankings. They analyzed the website’s user experience, its speed, and its responsiveness to mobile devices, and then made improvements where necessary. These efforts helped increase the website’s credibility and usability.

– Link Structure Improvement: HeyLead also focused on improving CallerReady’s internal link structure. By linking to other relevant pages within the website, they were able to increase the time spent on the site by visitors, thereby boosting engagement and the conversions.

– Paid Search Marketing: Finally, HeyLead launched a paid search campaign that targeted specific keywords and demographics that were relevant to CallerReady’s ideal customer. By carefully crafting ad copy and targeting the right audience, HeyLead was able to drive traffic to CallerReady’s site that was more likely to convert.

The result:

Thanks to HeyLead’s digital marketing efforts, CallerReady’s organic traffic increased significantly, resulting in more leads and sales. In just 6 months, CallerReady’s website traffic increased by more than 50%, and their bounce rate decreased by 40%. The paid search marketing campaign generated an additional 60% more business leads during that time.

callerready case study - website performance