Boost Online Lead Generation with Google Analytics Add-ons

April 08, 2017 By
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pexels photo 1Maximize Online Lead Generation with These Google Analytics Add-ons

Every performance marketer worth their salt uses Google Analytics and loves the valuable – and free – data that it provides. However, at times, it can seem overwhelming trying to manage all the complex information and insights that Google Analytics offers. The great news is that there are ways to make this process simpler. There are several extremely helpful add-ons designed for use with Google Analytics that make it easier to quickly comprehend data and make sure that you are getting the most out of this intuitive tool. Here are three favorites worth checking out:

Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on

This spreadsheet add-on provides better data visualization that can easily and quickly be shared with team members and key decision makers. The add-on works by pairing up your extensive analytics data with the manipulation tools that are available in Google Spreadsheets. Automated features make reporting fast, simple and easy to review.

Some of the most impressive features include:

  • Embedded visualizations from third-party sites
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Custom data reports
  • Privacy controlled data

apple 1850613 640Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager for Google Analytics is a fantastic add-on that helps to create and update tags seamlessly for both mobile and web applications without having to write any code. Once the add-on is installed, you can instantly launch fresh tags without having to wait for code updates and the robust debugging features ensure that your tags are functioning properly.  With the data gathered by tags, marketers can create stronger campaigns and maximize their online lead generation efforts.

Some of the most impressive features include:

  • User permissions and multi-account access
  • Multi-device functionality
  • Event triggered data collection with flexible tag firing
  • Debug mode

Infinity Call Tracking

This call tracking add-on allows for the integration of your call data with your Google Adwords and Google Analytics account. Monitoring phone calls from online advertising efforts offer so many useful benefits and insights such as call length, lead source, keyword tracking and campaign attribution.

Some of the most impressive features include:

  • Custom call dimensions
  • Google client ID linking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User-friendly portal

Time is valuable and with these tools, you can make sure that your time spent analyzing Google Analytics data is as efficient and effective as possible. Because we all know that there are a thousand other tasks on your weekly to-do list! Even better, these can help locate metrics that you may have been missing or unsure how to track, enabling you to make better marketing decisions to help grow your online lead generation opportunities.

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