Analyzing Real Customers to Improve Business Results

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blogimg All too often when reports indicate an increase in sales and monthly revenue, the marketing team gets or takes all the credit. The results could in fact actually have little to do with their last campaign. Maybe it was the enhancements to your website made by your developers after detailed A/B Testing or even a new customer service policy that really resonated with your clients.

So how do you find the real signals for what is improving your business results? You put the focus on your customers.

Begin By Segmenting

Data needs to be segmented into chunks so that it canbe compared to different groups. For example, when reviewing your monthly revenue, do so in a report that segments by your campaign source. In the example below, the funnel report shows each source and tracks how many visitors came to your website, signed up for a free trial of your product and later converted to a customer.


Source: KISSMetrics

By analyzing this type of data, you can compare if each campaign produces a conversion rate aligned with your overall target. You can also easily identify bottlenecks such as low sign up rates in certain campaigns and be able to address which areas need attention to ensure they become profitable marketing endeavors.

Your analysis doesn’t end here. In order to truly understand what is driving your success, you must break it down to individual people.

Look at Real Customers

By reviewing a customer’s timeline, you can discover a plethora of useful insights. What if you had a report that could track their relationship with your product and you could instantly see valuable information such as:

⦁ How long from the first time they visited your site until they signed up
⦁ How often they use your product
⦁ Dates or Times they use your product most frequently
⦁ Engagement trends on whether they gradually decline or increase in using your product



Source: KISSMetrics

Suddenly, you could understand how your customers behave as well as what you need to do to build a better business.
Where to Find the Data

Now for the million dollar question. Where do you get this data? Google Analytics doesn’t provide individualized data. The great news is, someone does. KISSmetrics has an amazingly powerful customer intelligence and web analytics solution. Their plans include a number of valuable, custom reports that show your actual customers data.

Here are a few of their user-friendly reports and what they show about your customers:

Funnel Reports – full flexibility to let you segment your data however you please

Cohort Reports – breaks your customers into different groups to analyze their behavior over time

People Reports – complete list of every search engine visit, each action and every way a customer has connected and engaged with your business

Path Reports – isolates conversion events and analyzes what led the customer to sign up, allowing you to understand what your most successful conversion triggers are

Power Reports – deep dive of your data that will compare multiple segments across multiple metrics



Source: KISSMetrics

Not quite convinced how understanding your individual customers can drive your business growth and monthly revenue? Try the free trial that Kissmetrics offers and see for yourself!


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