7 Simple Ways to Boost Online Conversion Rate

June 25, 2017 By
online conversion rate

online conversion rate

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, but if searchers visiting your website are not converting, that traffic is essentially useless. There are many simple and effective ways to get online leads to taking action when they find your site, whether that is subscribing to a newsletter or filling out a callback form. Here are a few proven strategies that are easy to implement:

1. Promote a Guarantee

Create confidence in your product or service by offering a no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee on purchases. The increase in sales will make up for any potential refunds.

2. Display Testimonials

Testimonials provide valuable social proof and reduce risk. Prominently display on all product landing pages as well as by email subscription forms.

3. Use a Strong CTA

Make sure that visitors know exactly what you want them to do next – whether that is downloading an ebook, completing a lead form or purchasing a product.

4. Meet PPC Expectations

If your business is running pay per click ads, make sure that your landing page copywriting is consistent with the advertising message. Your ad should clearly state what they will find by clicking on it and your landing page should have exactly what was offered.

5. Payment

online conversion rate

Use a variety of payment options. Not everyone uses Paypal or wants to create an account to make a purchase. Offer credit card and debit card options as well.

6. Value Proposition

To boost your online conversion rate, make sure that potential buyers know what is special about your product or service and why it is better than your competitors. Use emotionally charged language that will excite your visitors.

7. Don’t Require Registration

Don’t make users have to create a profile and register on your site to make a purchase. Always offer an express or guest checkout feature, which will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Always remember that the key to ensuring your website is converting as many online leads as possible is to always be testing, tweaking and optimizing!


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