4 Tips to Boost Email Lead Generation Results

June 10, 2017 By
Email Lead Generation

Email Lead Generation

More often than not, people are looking to delete your lead nurturing emails – not read them. As a marketer, this is an important fact to keep in mind, as so many businesses rely on email as one of their top lead generation tactics. MarketingSherpa did a survey of email recipients and found that 58% of readers who deleted, stopped opening or unsubscribe from mailing lists did so because they found the content not relevant.

There are several methods that marketers can use to better connect with customers and boost their email lead generation results immediately.

1.Focus On What Motivates Someone

It is so important to have a clear understanding of what customers want in order to serve them better. Get input from people within your organization that speak to customers on a daily basis such as sales reps and contact center associates to generate feedback and ideas.

2.Use Empathy

The best marketing is when the customer feels like you are helping them, not selling to them or treating them like an object. Marketers need to humanize their connection and always be offering value. Make sure to review your messages and really focus on the tone. Is it empathetic or just a sales pitch?

Lead Generation

3.Micro-segment for Better Results

A major benefit of marketing automation is the ability to use behavioral information. Find out what content users have read, what links they have clicked or files that they have downloaded. Contacts can be tagged with automated workflows and then messaging can be customized specifically for each workflow and demographic to send super targeted, relevant offers, and information.

4.Test and Optimize

Knowing how to test is one thing, but knowing what to test is a whole other game. Marketers should test a variety of the lead generation email components to find which approaches are working the best and converting the most. Some areas to test are:

  • Call to action
  • Naked links or embedded links
  • Subject line
  • Email frequency
  • Length of Content

No matter what, always put yourself in the shoes of your recipient. Would you want to read it? Would it entice you to buy something? Was it helpful and relevant? By following the tips above and getting in the heads of customers to understand what they are thinking and feeling when they receive your messages is the best way to gain an immediate boost in email lead generation engagement.

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