10 Acronyms To Increase Conversion Rates On Your Website

February 02, 2018 By
increase conversion rates

increase conversion rates

If you have a website it’s highly likely you’re hoping to encourage your visitors to perform some sort of action.  Whether that’s signing up for your email list, watching a video or purchasing a product, your website is a tool to convert a visitor into a customer.  With text speak and acronyms seemingly taking over the English language, we’re going to follow suit by offering a list of quick tips to increase conversion rates on your website using 10 popular acronyms.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We don’t mean to kick off the article by calling you stupid, but keeping things simple makes it easier for a visitor to choose to be a customer.  Use a clean, quick loading web design that’s easy to navigate and read.

2. TMI (Too Much Information)

Asking too much of your visitor increases the chances of scaring them off.  Huge fields of text are daunting to read.  Offering too many choices can lead to customer paralysis.  If you want a visitor to fill in a form, pare down the entry fields to the bare minimum.

3. ASL (Age, Sex, Location)

If possible, avoid requiring registration by providing potential customers with a quick “guest buy” option.  By demanding unnecessary personal information you’re creating a potential barrier to a sale.

4. WTF (What The F***?)

Tell your visitor exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.  Don’t make them guess what the f*** you’re about.  If you’re promoting a product, explain exactly what it is and why your visitor needs it.  If you want them to give you their email address, clearly describe the benefits of doing so.

5. PDA  (Public Display of Affection)

If you have a large social media presence let your visitors know.  Tell them how many subscribers you have, how many people are following you and the number of likes you’ve received.  Informing your visitors of a wide social network increases their trust and your credibility.

6. BFF  (Best Friends Forever)

Using testimonials is another way to increase your visitors’ trust while enhancing your credibility.  Show that you’ve created customers so loyal that they’re willing to recommend you to strangers.  Include their testimonial information in strategic spots.

7. FYI  (For Your Information)

Make sure you give your visitors all the information they need to make a decision.  Try and look at your product or service from their perspective and come up with a comprehensive overview of what you’d want to know in order to act.

8. BTW  (By The Way)

Let your visitors know you’re offering something special.  Demonstrate that you have a competitive edge over everyone else in the same field.  Adding related content or extra information can keep them from going elsewhere.

9. TGIF  (Thank God It’s Friday)

Pay attention to and take advantage of holidays, special occasions and ongoing events.  By staying current and working with the ebb and flow of the seasons, you can tap into recurring moods to benefit you and your customers.

10. TTYL  (Talk To You Later)

When a customer completes a transaction, consider offering a discount on a future purchase or promising a bonus upon a return visit.  By rewarding their action you can increase your chances of creating a repeat customer.

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