Case Study for a Cloud Software Company

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SEO Content


Align with industry experts and provide a well branded exposure and build an SEO presence for core keywords in a niche technology sector.


Improve online visibility, rank for core industry keywords and provide industry expertise to prospects and current customers.

On-Page SEO Solution



Blogs created from April 2016 – December 2016 that are keyword focused / about 6 blogs per month.

Extensive keyword research was performed before executing on this content strategy. Search volume, competitiveness, relevancy and other factors were used to prepare the right set of keywords.


knowledge base posts

The knowledge base was an integral component to providing current customers with easy access to support related materials.

In creating the knowledge base, we were able to not only reduce support time required to service customers, but also provide content that is important for the search engine visibility and branding of the site.


youtube videos

Video is an important aspect to SEO and branding. It further helped the client with branding, exposure and awareness in the market.

Optimize website for responsiveness

One of search engines’ ranking signals is website responsiveness and usability. Below is the result before and after optimization of website.



1 Campaign / 47 Ad groups / 47 Ads


The purpose of the Adwords campaign was to uncover hidden keywords for SEO that we can target and rank for as well as buy low cost traffic and boost traffic to site.



Creating infographics is a great way to summarize complex content in a visual way. Because of its attention grabbing appeal, users can easily share the content with their friends and further increases backlinks generated for the website. 



Articles created that are also keyword focused.

Off-Page SEO Solution

Social media

98 tweets created on Twitter since creation of Twitter page 4 Facebook posts on average created per month

online directories

Created online business profiles on online directories such as Yelp to further establish a digital footprint.

300+ business profiles created on online directories and third party review sites.



new pages indexed

by google

774 more clicks, ad appeared for 36,000 times, CTR 2.13%, Spent only $381 and Uncovered 577 new SEO keywords


fan followers combined

on Facebook and Twitter

Increase of 179.87% organic sessions (3,119 more)

4,853 (April 1, 2016 – Nov 30, 2016)

1,734 (April 1, 2015 – Nov 30, 2016)

good pay per call crm-1 1
pay per call crm system-1 1
pay per call crm software-1 1
what is dynamic call distribution?-1 1
pay per call crm-2 1
lead-to-call automation-2 2
is pay per call worth it-5 2
pay per call software organic173 3
pay-per-call platform organic453
pay per call explained-3 3
introduction to call tracking-4 3
is pay per call marketing worth it-7 3
pay-per-call systems-6 3
qualify calls-9 4
how to optimize your pay-per-call marketing-4 4
pay per call agency-19 7
optimize pay per call-9 7
pay-per-call marketplace organic156 8
call marketplace organic111110
tractable phone numbers--
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